Jama – Grotta Baredine

Baredine Cave Protected morphological monument of nature Meet the mystical world of nature which has been developing for thousands of years, far away from the light of the day and the human eye. Visit the underworld the Baredine Cave. This cave is a treasure chest of stalagmites and stalactites, underworld sculptures created through time by the patient work of water. Visit The cave is geomorphological monument of nature since 1986, and it has been opened for visitors since 1995. The sightseeing lasts 40 minutes; visitors descend along a 300m long pathway up to 60m below the ground and an underground lake and visit five beautifully decorated chambers. The cave is well lit and equipped, the paths and stairways have firm railing, and the temperature is very pleasant at 14˚C. Next to the cave are a free parking lot (for cars and buses), a reception, a coffee-bar/buffet, speleo-gallery, souvenir shops, children play ground, and area with domesticated animals and a pick-nick area