Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself

I am Danijela Faraguna the owner of tourist agency

My agency DEO VOLENTE d.o.o. provides asset management services. Our services include maintenance visit, cleaning and rental all types of real estate: hotels villas, houses and apartments. We offer a range of services based on your requirements, from detailed inspections and reports to other services based on your specific needs.

I am most proud at the business with vacation property.

Villa Alison has been named after my daughter and probably because of that has a special meaning for me.

Also villa St. Nicola owned by my parents which is named who else than St. Nicola is also one of the reason for proud.

Little more detail about me

So, I began my career as a tourist guide and a Russian companion in agency Solen in Rijeka where I have to admit i had a great director who taught me the job. A better mentor I really could not have wanted. Every honor Natalija Marčela because she was more like mother to me than boss.

Meanwhile, I was running trips for Atlas, Kompas and then Astarea and Atlantis.

After that I returned to the tourism in 2013 until 2016 in Admirandi plus as marketing and sales manager where I was responsible for filling the object Villa Nina.

And after that I decide to open local business with one friend and we opened TRANS VITA d.o.o. in 2016

And a little bit later in 2018 we have split on two different agencies

I have start working with Deo Volente d.o.o